👋 Hello there!

🧐 About me

I'm going to be honest. I'm Robert, a former full-time procrastinator from Romania (Bucharest) who always was interested in tech, but wasted his time for a few years and gave up on programming for like 4-5 times. But this time I'm different. I feel better prepared mentally and I'm finally taking action.

I'm currently a full-time warehouse worker and I started to learn web programming back in April 2023 through The Odin Project (spoiler: awesome free course) and I want to give back to the tech community just as all the contributors of TOP did.

ğŸŽ¯ Goal of this blog

I want to show through this blog that if you put the work in and you're consistent, then you can become a programmer.

I hope to inspire and help you with your programming journey through everything I'll share here. Having a positive impact on you would make me so happy! :)